Cafe Esme Weekly Lunch and/or Dinner Meal Plan


Here at Cafe Esme we cook delicious food fresh everyday having in mind your proper nutrition and health. You will enjoy and love the Weekly Meal Plan that we are offering. You can choose from Weekly Lunch Menu, Weekly Dinner Menu or both!

To make the Meal Plan even more convenient for you, we also created the option of ordering Monday – Thursday and Friday – Sunday only.

All dishes are created from scratch daily by our Chef and delivered daily. 

Please call or email us if you have any questions ( 929-281-5588 or ).

Life is tough, but we’ll get through it together!

Lunch Menu – Click Here

Dinner Menu – Click Here


– Everyday we deliver fresh, cooked from scratch meal.  Meal includes – main dish, dessert and drink
– We have regular menu and vegetarian option to replace the meats
– Menu consists of soups, sandwiches, gourmet dinner plates with meat(can be replaced for vegetarian option) and side vegetables or rice, fresh squeezed juice, coffee, organic tea, roasted vegetables, salads and desserts


– Place your order on our website
– Or call us at 929-281-5588
– Or email us at
– Orders for the Weekly Meal Plan must be submitted by midnight the day before the start day. Any orders received after the designated time, will be delivered in 2 days


– If you sign up for one Meal Plan, lunch or dinner we can deliver between 11-1pm
– If you sign up for both Meal Plans, lunch and dinner we will deliver both at the same time


– If you ordered both Lunch and Dinner, enjoy your warm lunch and please refrigerate the dinner. Dinner is fully cooked and it only needs to be warmed up before eating. Our Chef suggests to warm up:
* Microwave – on high for 1 minute covered. Check if thoroughly warm, if not throw it back in for another 20 second intervals until fully warmed.
* Oven – preheat oven to 350 degrees. Remove food from the container onto oven safe pan. Heat for approx 10-13 minutes or until heated thoroughly